What is W App?

W App, formerly known as SLAY, is a positivity-driven platform where users partake in positive polls about one another. We aim to shine a light on the brighter sides of life, encouraging users to compliment their friends in a safe and anonymous environment.

How does W App relate to the frfr app?

W App and the frfr app are sibling applications, both developed by our dedicated team. While W App emphasizes positive interactions and compliments, for more details on the unique features of the frfr app, please visit frfrapp.com or frfr.ai.

How much does W App cost?

With W App you can send compliments to your friends and receive positive messages for free.

Why is the app called W app?

We named our app after the youth word W App, which means "when someone looks confident, acts confident, or achieves something spectacular" - we want to highlight positive attributes and make everyone feel like he or she is special.

Why did we develop W App?

We want to create a place where we feel better and safe. Through W App you learn that there are people who like and admire you.

When was W App released?

W App was released in October 2022.

Is my data secured at W App?

Yes, data security is our top priority. We use the account information only for the game mechanism of the app and to connect faster with your friends. W App will never sell or share personal data with third parties. You can learn more in our privacy policy.

Is W App secure?

Security and protection of minors is our top priority. Data is stored securely without the possibility of access by external parties. We also maintain an "anti-negativity" policy so that any questions and interactions are asked by us + our technology, as well as reviewed. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email us at hi@slay.cool.

Where is W App available?

W App is available for download worldwide.

Why did we rebrand to W App?

We continually seek to evolve our platforms to best resonate with our user base. The rebrand to W App was a part of this evolution, ensuring that our apps always provide a fresh and relevant experience for our users.

Who developed W App?

W App was developed by a small team of designers and engineers in Berlin, Germany.

Creating Content with W App

Harness the power of platforms like TikTok and Instagram to produce imaginative content. Don't forget to tag us on our official Instagram @joinwapp.

Create content with W App

We recommend you use TikTok and Instagram and create creative content. The stage is yours! Tag us super happy, we look forward to seeing the results. :)

Safety and Data Protection

Is my data secured with W App?

Absolutely. We prioritize the security of your data. Please refer to our detailed privacy policy for comprehensive information.

How does W App ensure user safety?

Our platform is meticulously designed to ensure that users interact only with known connections, eliminating potential threats from strangers. We also have stringent anti-negativity and anti-bullying measures in place.

How to stay safe on W App

Join only schools you currently attend.

Schools are offered so friends can find each other. If you join a school that is not yours, people who don't know you can request to be friends with you. Never join a school you don't attend.

Only send or accept friend requests from people you know in real life.

Real people, real interaction.

Don't share phone numbers, devices or codes with your friends.

Sharing phones or your phone number can lead to your account being compromised or your user data being corrupted.

Disable access to your location after login.

W App does not need your location signing in. We only use it to find nearby schools for you to join. Disabling it will not affect your experience. To disable it, open the Settings app ' select W App' Set Location to Never.

Setting privacy preferences.

Your friends can see your Compliments when they visit your profile. If you don't agree with this, you can hide them by going to Edit Profile ' Manage Account ' Hide Top Compliments.

How to protect your friends.

Report users who break the rules.

If you see a user breaking the rules, open the user's profile ' tap in the left corner ' select Report User. Enter as much information as possible in the input field.

Do not log in under another user's name.

W App works best when the names you see in the surveys are who they say they are. Signing up with a fake name will hurt our community.

Do not use inappropriate profile photos.

Your profile photo should represent you. It doesn't have to be a photo of you, but you should never post a photo with graphic or hateful imagery. Moreover, don’t use a photo of another user

W App

How do I register?

Download W App from your respective app store and follow the registration prompts.

How does the app work?

Users receive 12 questions per round, selecting from 4 answers. Compliments and responses can be found in the user's inbox.

How do I add friends?

After registering, you can add friends from your contacts, or you can use the friend's tab to add by username, school connections, or even invite new friends.

Can I see who sent me the compliments?

You only see the gender and class of the person in question, this makes everyone feel safe to give compliments to other people.

Are all compliments real?

Yes! We would never send automatically generated compliments to our users. All compliments come directly from your friends, classmates or contacts.

Why do I have to use my real name?

You should always use your real name, so that your friends can find you better and it is easier for them to vote. Therefore please pay attention to it:

- Do not use a fake name
- Do not create multiple accounts
- Do not impersonate another person
- Don’t join a school you are not in

I had a negative experience with the app. Where and how can I report it?

It is very important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable on W App. If you see an account that violates our policies, you can go to the account and report it. Or you can email our team at hi@slay.cool.

Profile and Account Management

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account in Settings > Help.

How do I edit my profile or manage friends?

Your profile tab will have options to edit your details, add social media links, and manage your friends list.

How do I change my name?

You can go to the Profile tab > Edit > Change Name.

How do I add my Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok account?

You can go to the Profile tab > Edit > Add Social Media Links.

How can I remove friends?

Go to the respective profile and press Remove Profile.

How can I block someone?

Go to the respective profile and press the three dots at the top. There you can block the user. This means that the account will no longer be displayed in the surveys.

How do I report concerns or negative experiences?

Your safety and positive experience are paramount. Use the report option on the concerning profile or email our team directly.


How do I join a school?

During registration you can allow the location query and then select your school and class. We will only use your vague location to find your school faster. Please remember that you only select the school you are actually at.

I can't find my school. What to do?

Sometimes it can happen that you can't find your school. This is not a problem, just press "I can't find my school" at the bottom and send us your school. We will make sure to add your school as soon as possible.

Bug Reports and Feedback

Experiencing glitches?

Please provide feedback via the profile section of the app.

For Instagram-related issues or insights:

DM us on our official handle @joinwapp. For broader company updates, visit @slay.is.cool